The Ultimate Fighter 5: The End is Near!

Date, Time: 6/14/2007, 10PM ET/PT
Event: SpikeTV - The Ultimate Fighter 5, Episodes 11&12

The Ultimate Fighter 5 has been pretty enjoyable thus far in my opinion. Final episodes 11 and 12 of TUF5 air this evening, reaching the conclusion of this season's show. With an original cast of 16 lightweight (155 lbs.) fighters, the semifinals have arrived and the competition has been cut down to four fighters. Nate, Manny, Gray Maynard and Joe Lauzon will duke it out these last episodes to be the “king of the hill.” With only two slots open for the Ultimate Finale, fans can't help but anxiously await the results for the finalists and at last, the "Ultimate Fighter" of season 5.

This is one (or two rather) episode(s) you don’t want to miss!

The Lianger

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